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Nyabong – Iban Favorite Pastimes

In this section I hope to compile as much as possible, all the traditional and favourite pastimes of the Iban people. I will attempt to discuss in detail its origin and its role in the Iban way of life. Such pastimes includes playing marbles (guli), playing catch with river stones (serimban or selingkut), spinning tops (gasing), sword dance (bapencha), Iban martial art (kuntau), fighting with knees (pangka attak), wrestling of various forms (bechekak, bibat, bibat lengan, bepancha), war dances of various forms (ngajat), cock-fighting, body tattoo, batak lampong, ngayap (Iban traditional form of courting), various methods of hunting, fishing & trapping, and many others that anyone can think of. This section is to be kept open to all who wants to contribute their article for preservation.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jj
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 19:05:40

    Tabi enggau Basa Ti Besai GNMawar,

    Kati bisi orang nemu ngajar kuntau iban di miri dia??
    Enti bisi sapa ka nemu lalu bisi ngajar??



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